8 Maps That Show Trump’s popularity is unbeatable.. or is not?

Trump Versus Domino's Pizza

Trump is more or less dominating the news in the USA and basically the whole world.

We did some research using Google Trends to see how popular Trump still really is. We used ‘popular‘ but you could also use ‘infamous‘, it probably depends on the way you would like to interpret the research.

For all the maps below we set the data range on the last 30 days.

Trump vs Domino’s Pizza

Trump Versus Domino's Pizza

Definitely a winner for Trump! He is more popular than Domino’s Pizza except in Mississippi.. these guys must love pizza.

Trump vs American Football

Trump Versus American Football

Another score for Trump but not in all states. Especially in Alabama they couldn’t care less about Trump.

Trump vs Basketball

Trump Versus Basketball

Also basketball is not beating Trump. Interesting to see that Mississippi is really not that into Trump or they simply love pizza and basketball.

Trump vs Beyoncé

Trump Versus Beyonce

Not a chance. Trump easily beats Beyoncé in search popularity.

Trump vs Ford Mustang

Trump Versus Ford Mustang

Trump is even more more popular than a sports car.

Trump vs Mexico

Trump Versus Mexico

The border states between the USA and Mexico are more interested in Mexico than Trump. However, Trump still beats Mexico in search popularity.

Trump vs Apple

Trump Versus Apple

This is interesting! Apple wins in search popularity, although it’s a close call. They are more or less taking turns.

Trump vs Porn

Trump Versus Porn

Finally, this is what it takes. Especially during the weekends there is no way Trump can beat porn.

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