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This Map Shows The Life Expectancy USA By US State
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Human Life Expectancy simply refers to the average time a human being is expected to live based on the year of his or her birth. Many factors influence the life expectancy of a person. Such as,

  • The economic and social conditions of the country and the community the person is living in
  • The natural environmental conditions
  • Health and nutrition levels
  • Genetic conditions inherited from parents
  • Person’s occupation and the working condition
  • Gender of the person

However, what should be remembered about this measurement is that this is only an average statistical measurement, in real-life scenarios, there could be many individuals in a population that “out-live” the general Life Expectancy margin of a country, and natural and man-made disasters such as floods, cyclones, and wars could affect the life expectancy of a population as well.

USA Life Expectancy

As of 2017, the United States has an average life expectancy between 78 – 81, higher than the global average of 64 – 70. However, a nationwide life expectancy is highly impractical and improbable, and due to this reason Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation evaluates the average life expectancy of American populations by,

  • States
  • Gender and
  • Ethnicity

You can find all this information on the table we have shown below.

Top 10 States & Regions With The Highest Average Life Expectancy

  1. Hawaii: 81.5
  2. Puerto Rico: 81.0
  3. California:80.9
  4. Minnesota: 80.7
  5. New Jersey: 80.7
  6. Connecticut: 80.6
  7. Massachusetts: 80.4
  8. Vermont: 79.9
  9. Colorado: 79.9
  10. Washington: 79.9

As we said previously, living conditions, education levels, working conditions, economic and natural influences greatly impact the life expectancy and better they are, higher the life expectancy in those regions.

From the list above you can see that states such as Hawaii, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado, etc. have a high standard of living compared to the other states of the United States, and because of that, a higher life expectancy rate.

Now, let us take a glance at the states with the lowest life expectancy in the USA.

Top 10 States & Regions With The Lowest Average Life Expectancy

  1. Tennessee: 76.3
  2. Northern Mariana Islands: 75.6
  3. Arkansas: 75.4
  4. Oklahoma: 75.4 
  5. Louisiana: 75.4
  6. Kentucky: 75.0
  7. Alabama: 74.9
  8. West Virginia: 74.8
  9. Mississippi: 74.5
  10. American Samoa: 73.9

As you can see, the American Samoan region (not an official “State”) has the lowest rate and the others among the top 10 lowest have a life expectancy of around 74 – 76 years.

Why Has The Life Expectancy Increased In America Over The Years?

Many modern scientific, technological and medical innovations have allowed the modern American’s to have longer lives. They are,

  • Implementation of Vaccination programs
  • Using modern technologies (Nano Technology, Disease Early recognition, etc..) to prevent life-threatening diseases
  • Introduction of new medicines through advance biochemistry technologies
  • Using advanced IT and automation technologies in treating and preventing diseases and epidemics
  • Maintaining economic stability and making significant investments in healthcare and nutrition sector of the country

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