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Facebook Users By Country 2019
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From Humble Beginnings To A Mighty Business Empire

Facebook is the unprecedented largest and most used social media network on the planet. By the end of the 3rd quarter of 2019, the network had surpassed the 2.45 billion user margin, making it the first and only social media platform to reach the milestone.

The following are the top 10 countries by Facebook users:

  1. India: 270 million
  2. United States: 183 million
  3. Indonesia: 123 million
  4. Brazil: 120 million
  5. Mexico: 82 million
  6. Philippines: 68 million
  7. Vietnam: 59 million
  8. Thailand: 47 million
  9. Egypt: 38 million
  10. Turkey: 37 million

As you can see, 5 countries out of the top 10 are Asian countries and combined they account for more than 700 million users, while the other 5 non-Asian countries consist of only around 500 million users. Facebook has been rapidly expanding in Asia for several years now, both among adults and teenagers.

A bit of History

Mark Zuckerberg initially developed a website called Facemash. A website that compares photos of individuals as “hot” or “not”. After the website was banned by his university administration claiming “unsafe” and “privacy-violating”, he went on to develop a new site called “the face book”, an online student directory featuring photos and personal information.

Initially, the membership was only for the students of Harvard University, however, within a month so many undergraduates registered and they expanded into other universities such as Yale, MIT, Stanford, and Columbia. By the end of 2004, most of the universities in the USA and Canada were using Facebook. And in 2006, Facebook was opened for public access and anyone over 13 years was able to register and join the growing online community.

Today’s Facebook

Today, Facebook is a vast public listed corporation with over 39,000 employees. Its annual revenue has now exceeded 55 billion dollars and the profit is now more than 20 billion dollars. The company shares prices keep surging up and Mark Zuckerberg is now the 4th richest man in the world, with a net worth of more than 70 billion dollars thanks to his stake in Facebook.

What’s More?

Facebook has proved to be a useful platform not just for social interactions but also for commerce, trading, business, and entertainment. Thousands of businesses use the platform in their marketing and online operations and billions of dollars are spent daily on advertisements and promotions through Facebook. What does the future hold for this social media giant? Only time will tell, but amidst certain legal conflicts, lawsuits, and privacy violation issues, one thing is certain. Facebook steadily keeps going and growing strong.

What Country Has The Most Facebook Users In The World?

India, the world’s second-largest country by the population has also Facebook’s largest single-country user base with the number of users exceeding 270 million in 2019. The population of India in 2019 is 1.3 billion, this means that almost 20% of India’s population uses Facebook, that’s another way of saying 1 in every 5 Indians is using Facebook. In India, Facebook is primarily used for social interactions online yet the number of users for business, commercial and political purposes is growing rapidly.

Who Uses Facebook Most?

When we look into the demographics, it is difficult to put out an exact group of people who uses Facebook globally the most. In some countries, adults use Facebook more while in some countries the teenagers are ahead. However, if we look at US statistics related to Facebook, 41% of seniors (65+ age) are now using Facebook while 68% of adults in the USA use it daily.

If we look at it from usage by gender perspective, 74% of females use Facebook, while 62% of males use it daily.

In the USA however, the number of teenagers is shrinking. In 2014 around 71% of teenagers was using Facebook, in 2019 this has dropped to around 51%. However, in Asian countries, the number of teenage users of Facebook is growing rapidly.

How Many Facebook Users Are In China?

The most populous nation in the world is home to only 1,330,800 Facebook users. That’s roughly 0.1% of the total population, which is now getting close to 1.4 billion people. Strict social media and press regulations are the main reasons for this super low user base in China.

In Which Countries Is Facebook Banned?

Facebook is banned in three countries. These are China, North Korea, and Iran. Out of these countries, North Koreans do not have clear and uninterrupted access to the internet. So, we can say that Facebook is “actively” banned in China and Iran. However, what must be noted is that the internet can never be truly “banned” and there are people who have gained access to Facebook in both of these countries through “other means”.

What Age Uses Facebook The Most?

An overall worldwide statistic on this has not been done yet. However, many types of research have been conducted in each country. It has been revealed that people between 25 years and 34 years make up the biggest age range that uses Facebook. Although the number of teenage users is increasing, people between 25 – 34 are still the largest demographic group of Facebook users.

How Many Users Does Facebook Have In 2019?

As of the 3rd quarter in 2019, Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it the largest social media network on the planet. Most of the Facebook users are from Asia where more than one-third of the users are, followed by South America, Europe, North America, and Africa.

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