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IQ – Definition

Intelligence has always been the most important and vital part of being a human. IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a set of standardized tests designed to measure the intelligence of individuals. The tests consist of a set of verbal, auditory, mathematical and artistic tests aimed at evaluating an individual’s innate and learned intelligence.

However, it must be noted that IQ is not the “most accurate” or “the best” measure of intelligence. It is controversial and contested from many other theories as well.

Top 10 States With The Highest IQ Scores

The following are the states with the highest average IQ score in the United States of America.

  1. Massachusetts: 104.3
  2. New Hampshire: 104.2
  3. North Dakota: 103.8
  4. Vermont: 103.8
  5. Minnesota: 103.7
  6. Maine: 103.4
  7. Montana: 103.4
  8. Iowa: 103.2
  9. Connecticut: 103.1
  10. Wisconsin: 102.9

The nationwide average IQ level in USA is roughly 98, yet there are significant variances when the nationwide IQ is compared with the State-wise IQ. Roughly the variances range from 4 to 6 points.

So, if we look at this according to science, these top 10 states are the smartest states in USA with all the states scoring more than 100 points in IQ, ranging ahead of the nationwide IQ level by 4 to 6 points.

Top 10 States With The Lowest IQ Scores

These are the states that scored the lowest IQ in USA, so mind me saying but in a way, scientifically speaking, these are the dumbest states in the USA. As you can see, the IQ level in the lowest states has varied from nearly 4 points to 2 points.

  1. Mississippi: 94.2
  2. Louisiana: 95.3
  3. California: 95.5
  4. Hawaii: 95.6
  5. New Mexico: 95.7
  6. Alabama: 95.7
  7. Nevada: 96.5
  8. Arizona: 97.4
  9. Arkansas: 97.5
  10. Tennessee: 97.7

Although ranked higher in ACT and SAT aptitude tests, IQ In California and Hawaii has landed among the lowest in the region with average IQ levels of 95.5 and 95.6 respectively.

Apart from these states, the nation’s capital, Washington D.C scored an average IQ score of 101.7 while commercial strongholds such as New York and Texas each scored 100.7.

Is IQ Rate Falling In USA?

Are people getting dumber in USA? According to the latest results and science, yes. They are, unfortunately. More and more theories try to explain why the American IQ rates are falling. Some have theorized that is because of bad economic conditions, flaws in the education system and a severe addiction to technology and social media. Others have theorized that its because people with lower IQs, who pass down their lower numbers, having more kids.

Bottom Line

So, is it really the case? Are we getting more stupid and dumb? As we said earlier, IQ tests are controversial and contested themselves and many theories argue that IQ alone does not define nor measure the human intelligence and its magnitude accurately. Therefore, we can say, (to our relief) that lower IQs alone do not suggest we are “idiotic” and that it is not fully possible to measure human intelligence 100% accurately.  

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