Top 10 Wine Producing Countries

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Wine has been around for nearly 9000 years, and in some regions in the world, it has been an essential element in their cultures. From religious festivals to Wedding ceremonies, from family gatherings to mass fiestas, Wine has become a symbol of the spirit of happiness and positivity. The following are the things you ought to know about wine and when you take the next sip, you’ll see how interesting this alcoholic beverage really is.

Top 10 Biggest Wine Producers In The World

Top 10 wine-producing countries in million hectolitres (MHL):

  1. Italy: 54.8
  2. France: 49.1
  3. Spain: 44.4
  4. United States: 23.9
  5. Argentina: 14.5
  6. Chile: 12.9
  7. Australia: 12.9
  8. Germany: 9.8
  9. South Africa: 9.5
  10. China: 9.3

The top 10 wine producers produce almost 80% of global wine production.

Here are the numbers 11 to 20 wine-producing countries:

  1. Russia: 6.5
  2. Portugal: 6.1
  3. Romania: 5.1
  4. Hungary: 3.6
  5. Brazil: 3.1
  6. New Zealand: 3.0
  7. Austria: 2.8
  8. Greece: 2.2
  9. Moldova: 1.9
  10. Switzerland: 1.1

Italy, Spain, and France are the best wine producers in the world and have been countries famous for wine since the ancient past.

As you can see in the list, 11 out of 20 countries in the top 20 wine-producing countries are from Europe and do you know that Europe accounts for nearly 51% of the global wine production?

Apart from Europe, many countries in South America produce wine as well. And Australia and New Zealand are accountable for a significant portion of global wine production. The only Asian wine producer that ranks among the top 20 is China, ranking at 3rd position, it produces almost 1,700,000 tonnes of wine per year.

Top Importers Of Wine

Now let us take a look at the top 15 wine importers in the world.

The USA tops the list of the biggest importers of wine by importing 17% of total wine imports in the world. European nations dominate the top 15 list, yet there are 4 Asian countries as well.

Hong Kong, Japan and China’s import of wine over several decades has increased rapidly, a clear sign that wine is becoming more and more popular, even in regions where wine was previously unknown. In addition, we can say to a certain extent this popularity of wine is an indirect indicator of the rapid “Westernization” that is taking place in Asia, and as China opens up her economy more and more recently, we can only say that the imports will increase more than ever in the Asian region in future.

Top Exporters Of Wine

Now let us take a look at the top 15 wine exporters in the world.

You can see here that France, Italy and Spain dominate the global wine exporting industry just as well as they lead in wine production, note that China has been kicked out of the list, which was a major producer and though the USA ranked high in the wine producers list, has gone down in this exporting list. This is mainly due to the variety and quality of the wine produced. As mentioned earlier, Europe is known to be the best wine region in the world.

History Of Wine

The earliest known beverage similar to wine could be traced back to China, around 7000 B.C. later wineries could be found from Georgia around 6000 B.C, Persia (today Iran) around 5000 B.C, Island of Sicily around 4000 B.C and around Armenia, from around 6100 B.C. these were the famous wine regions in the antiquity.

Almost all the western religions and Abrahamic religions have given an important role to wine in many of their traditions and culture.

Even after nearly 10,000 years, people still love wine and today, consumption of wine has spread all across the world.

Greeks were so fond of wine; they had a God for wine as well… named Dionysus.

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