Top 10 Highest Attorney Salaries By US State [MAPPED]

Map Of The Top 10 Highest Attorney Salaries By US State
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This map shows the top 10 US States where lawyer salaries are the highest, including the average attorney salaries of all of the states in the USA!

Who are these “Lawyers” and What exactly do they do? Apart from appearing in Hollywood and Netflix?

In addition, on average a lawyer in the USA makes between 50K to 160k a year, this could vary of cause. Depending on the individual skills and capabilities of each separate lawyer. Who are the richest lawyers? And who are the most expensive to handle cases?

Keep on that curiosity button on as we delve into the supposedly boring yet intriguing world of law and lawyers!

What Do Lawyers Do?

By the end of 2018, there were approximately 1,338,678 active and practicing lawyers in the USA, give or take. And over the last decade, that is from 2008, the number of lawyers in the USA has increased by a staggering 15%.

Lawyers are the ones who are officially and legally permitted to practice law. They represent clients in Civil and Criminal cases and present evidence on behalf of their clients. They also engage in providing legal counseling and advice for clients with specific legal requirements on how to begin, enact, continue and conclude matters.

How to become a lawyer? Well, it is a bit difficult. And requirements change from country to country. However, to be brief, you need to earn a degree, enter the Law College and you got to study a lot, specifically the constitution, civil and criminal legal frameworks and all the legislative acts and ordinances and then join the union of lawyers in the country and voila! You are a lawyer!

Please do note that I made it seem so easy, trust me, it is not! 

Map Of The Top 10 Highest Attorney Salaries By US State
You are free to use our maps, all we ask is you include a link back to

How Much Do Lawyers Make An Hour?

It’s kind of tricky and depends mainly on the experience level and the representing field of the lawyer. Some novices may be earning around $20-$60 per hour while moderately experienced ones earn between $100-$200, and the veterans of the field might be earning between $200-$400.

Average Lawyer Salary By US State

The following list is comprised of the US States and the average wage an attorney is paid in those states. Also, the living wage is taken into account as well (adjusted salary), when preparing these details.

You can clearly see that Texas, Delaware, and California are the states that pay the most for their lawyers. But do remember, these are averages. Certain individuals could be earning way more or way less than this.


What Are The Best Cities For Lawyers?

Following is a list of best cities for lawyers to move in. Note that these data are approximated by several factors such as the pay for an average lawyer and availability of Work.

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Houston, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Washington, DC
  • New York, the Big Apple

What Type Of Lawyer Makes The Most Money?

Usually, there are two types of lawyers depending on the field they are specialized in.

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Civil Law

Normally, lawyers who operate in the Civil Law sector tend to earn more money than their Criminal sector counterparts as they get more work frequently and civil trials tend to last less long than civil trials, which is most of the time.

Following is a list of Top 5 Lawyer Types that make nearly or more than 100 grand a year.

1. Medical Lawyers – Around $150,000 annually

These types of lawyers are specialized in advising and advocating their clients on issues related to medical law and generally represent health care clinics and hospitals.

2. IP Attorneys – Around $141,000 annually

IP stands for Intellectual Property and these lawyers are well-versed, well-groomed and well-aware of intellectual property related legal framework and often rank among the highest paid in the country. Especially due to the vast increase of new intellectual property creation in this 21st century.

3. Trial Attorneys – Around $101,000 annually

These attorneys represent their clients during civil and business-related legal trials and have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the Civil Law.

4. Tax Attorneys – Between $80,000 – $120,000 annually

These lawyers represent business and other forms of social entities when they deal with tax authorities in all federal, state and local levels. Tax is an important and an ever-changing field in the USA and these guys are armed-to-the-teeth in handling such scenarios.

5. Corporate Lawyers – Around $100,000 annually

Corporate Lawyer’s salary is not just this. More successful ones could be earning even more. These lawyers are specialized in many aspects of business and transactions such as business consolidations, Mergers, acquisitions, wind-ups and sale of businesses. Also, they assist and advise their clients on drafting contracts, starting new businesses and in many more of business-related legal works!

Richest Lawyers In The USA

Following is a list of Top 5 Richest Lawyers and Attorneys in America!

  1. Richard Scruggs: $1.7 billion
  2. Joe Jamail: $1.7 billion
  3. William Lerach: $900 million
  4. Bill Neukom: $850 million
  5. Judge Judy: $150 million

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