11 Shocking Maps And Charts Of Gun Violence In America

this map shows the number of gun deaths per 100000 residents in america by us state
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US gun deaths are at their highest rate in 40 years. The number of gun deaths per 1,000 residents in 2017 increased by 18%, and the number of gun deaths increased by 28% in comparison with 2007. In New Hampshire, Iowa and South Dakota the gun death rate increased with more than 70% in 10 years.

this map shows a comparison of gun deaths per 100000 residents in america by us state in 2017 vs 2007
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Data source: cdc.gov

150.000 Shootings In The USA Mapped [2013-2018]

This map shows the 150000 shootings in America in the past 5 years
Source: thethraceorg

Gun violence is perhaps the greatest risk the USA faces at this time. Each year thousands of people are injured due to gun-related incidents and accidents and are killed due to injuries by firearms. Most of the time, the victims of gun-related deaths are separated into two segments.

  • Gun-related Suicides: where a person use a Gun to take his/her life
  • Gun-related Homicides: where a person uses a Gun to murder another person.

This could further be classified as “Isolated Shootings” and “Mass Shootings”.

In 2017 alone, nearly 14,500 fatalities occurred due to gun violence which can be identified as gun-related homicides and an approximate number of 24,000 people committed suicide using a firearm.

Each year, an average of nearly 100,000 people are inflicted non-fatal injuries due to gun violence in the USA.

Gun Ownership vs. Gun Deaths

This chart shows the correlation between gun ownership vs gun deaths in the developed world
Source: Vox.com

Gun Ownership vs. Gun Deaths By US State

This chart shows the correlation between gun ownership vs gun deaths in america by us state
Source: Motherjones.com

To date, the Authorities and Research groups have found no clear evidence to suggest a reasonable relationship between Gun Ownership and Gun Violence.

However, studies conducted by independent research agencies and researchers such as Philip J. Cook, David Hemenway, and his colleagues have shown that there is a Striking correlation between Gun Ownership and Homicide in the USA.

This could be proved true as well. As the Gun Ownership intensity intensifies in US States, Homicides related to Gun violence intensifies in those states as well.

i.e.: Alaska is one of the highest states to have Gun Ownership by individuals. Similarly, it is one of the highest states to record gun deaths per one thousand residents.

Comparison Of Homicide Rates In The USA And EU

this map shows homicide rates united states vs europe
Source: Reddit user Udzu

Following is a list of firearm-related homicide rates per 100,000 people per year in Europe. However, it is to be noted that all of these details are approximations and not 100% accurate. Also, in some instances, due to the lack of verifiable information and difficulty in obtaining yearly information, data regarding some nations could be from different years and not from the same year.

  • Albania: 2.78
  • Austria: 2.9
  • Belgium: 1.24
  • Bulgaria: 1.70
  • Denmark: 1.47
  • Czech: 2.00
  • France: 2.80
  • Finland: 3.25
  • Germany: 0.99
  • Italy: 1.31
  • Serbia: 3.49
  • Spain: 0.62
  • Switzerland: 3.01
  • UK: 0.23

Many of the countries maintain a homicidal rate between 2-3 per 100,000, whereas in many US states, the average is above 5 and, in some states, it hops onto double figures! As a single country, that rate is approximately 4 which is still a relatively high number.

Top 10 Civilian Gun-Owning Countries

The following infographic represents the top 10 civilian gun-owning Countries. However, it should be noted that accurate information regarding war-zone states such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and African countries nations such as Sudan, Somalia is not available in reliable sources. If they were available, these Rankings could change.

This chart shows the top 10 civilian gun-owning countries
Source: BBC.com

According to Worldatlas.com, USA’s guns per 100 residents ratio is more than twice as high as the highest European country in the list, Serbia.

Below a list of the top 12 gun-owning European countries (guns per 100 residents):

  1. Serbia: 58.2
  2. Norway: 31.3
  3. France: 31.2
  4. Austria: 30.4
  5. Iceland: 30.3
  6. Germany: 30.3
  7. Finland: 27.3
  8. Switzerland: 24.45
  9. Macedonia: 24.1
  10. Montenegro: 23.1
  11. Greece: 22.5
  12. Croatia: 21.7  

Gun Violence Incidents In America In 2019

This map shows all the gun violence in america in 2019
Source: Gunviolencearchive.org

The number of Gun Violence incidents a year in the USA varies between 60,000 to 100,000 per year, which is not calculated precisely. Although there are many individual incidents, Mass Shootings are the deadliest and most unpredictable. Since the year 2000, many of the Deadliest Mass Shootings in the world has occurred in the USA.

  • Las Vegas Shooting (2017): 58 Deaths and 422 injured
  • Sutherland Springs Church (2017): 26 Deaths
  • Orlando Nightclub Shooting (2016): 53 Deaths
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012): 27 Deaths
  • Virginia Tech Shooting (2007): 32 Deaths

Gun-Related Murder Rates In The Developed World

This chart shows gun-related murder rates in the developed world
Source: Washington Post

In the developed world, the USA is the nation to record the highest gun-related murder rate. If we consider the firearm-related fatalities in the USA with the G-8 Counterparts (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, and Japan), an average US Citizen is 70 times more likely to die due to a gun-related act of violence that any citizen in G-8. 

US Gun Deaths Are At Their Highest Rate In 40 Years

This Chart Shows Gun Deaths In The Usa Per Year

Despite fact that the Federal and State authorities are conducting various programs and projects to decrease gun violence in the USA, gun-related deaths and violations have been steadily up surging since the mid-1990s.

A major contributing reason for this could be identified as the lack of interest of the US Congress on the issue, as Congress prohibited the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from conducting research that “advocates” and “promotes” gun control. Point out that it is unconstitutional and against the 2nd Amendment (citizens’ right to bear firearms).

Also, a survey in 2010 provided a gross estimation of 310 million firearms in the USA, excluding military services. The population for that year was 306 million. Even today, there are more guns in the USA than people. These high intensities of gun possession are another key factor in the gradual increase of gun-related violence. The deficiencies in public policies and legislative frameworks make it difficult to control gun violence in the USA.

Another significant contributor to gun violence is the ease of access to firearms in the USA comparative to the other nations and the spread of the black market for guns. A research done in 2016 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that

  • 43% of guns used in crimes were obtained from the black market,
  • 25% of guns from an individual,
  • 6% from theft,
  • Only 16% through legal methods (gun retailers and gun shows)

An indirect yet another instrumental factor is the spread of illegal drug usage in urban areas. Urban gun fatalities are significantly higher than in rural areas, as more and more young male individuals are getting addicted to drugs, the spread, and increase of gang violence, home violence, organized crimes, and hate crimes are inevitable.

With these developments, many people agree that the USA must pay serious attention and consideration towards more effective, restrictive gun laws to ensure the protection of its citizens.

Gun Deaths In USA Per Year

Data source: cdc.gov

This Map Shows The Gun Ownership Per 1000 Residents By US State

Source: thoughtco.com

Mapping Global Gun Violence

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